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Dream dynamics offers comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions that guarantee productivity.

Dream dynamics is a full service technology partner that provides support services concerning the ERP of Microsoft Dynamics AX. We are committed in assisting businesses worldwide by providing Microsoft Dynamics support, customization, and integration with other Legacy systems. We’re proud to have a deep bunch of IT experts like Functional consultants, Technical consultants, Solution Architects, and Project Managers who deploy the best solutions to keep you ahead of your competitors in today’s digital era.

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Comprehensive services that update and boost businesses

At Dream Dynamics, we offer a wide spectrum of IT services that encompass several aspects related to the business management system integration process. Our services for Microsoft ERP are designed to support implementation, upgradation, and innovation.


Our team has a wide knowledge and expertise in Dynamics AX customization that allows us to deliver custom solutions with minimum costs.

Interface Enhancement

We offer seamless integration resulting in interface enhancement between Dynamics and other Legacy Systems.

Interface Enhancement

Our support team is committed to providing expert knowledge to ensure that your business systems are running seamlessly.


We are a trusted partner with all your AX needs

Top 10 most popular FAQs

How can I license Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a ERP solution that is sold through Dynamics AX partners. Partners will help you with the issuance and implementation of license for this ERP solution. You can also license modules and add-ones through the Partner. So, it’s better that you consult a Dynamics AX partner like Dream Dynamics who can help you with deploying the solution in your organization.

What Modules do I get while buying Microsoft Dynamics AX?

You’ll get a lot of modules. You can work with your Dynamics partner to know the client access licenses you must buy. It will help you in deciding what modules you must implement for your business. You can implement more of great AX functionality as you grow your business.

Is it possible to integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX with other applications?

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics AX can be integrated with several applications like Salesforce, EDI, SAP and a lot more. It can also be integrated with mobile.

Does Microsoft Dynamics integrate with E-commerce platforms?

Yes, you can easily integrate Dynamics AX with E-commerce platforms like Magento, Woo-commerce, Shopify,and BigCommerce. Integrating your E-commerce site with Dynamics AX will enhance your ERP experience and get the most out of your ERP solution.

How can I support Microsoft Dynamics AX?

You can support Microsoft Dynamics AX through Dynamics AX partner. So, you must research and verify your partner’s credentials beforehand. At Dream Dynamics, we offerDynamics AX support to our clients both locally and Globally.

Is Job scheduling included in Dynamics AX?

Planning within Dynamics AX schedules jobs as well as resources. AX offers several tools for recording skills, competencies, and certificates. It also provides various tools for modifying scheduling whenever required.

Does Dynamics offer User defined excel reporting?

Yes, there are various features such as filters and pivot tables. You can get a better idea of these options during the demo.

Is it possible to import materials and operations through Dynamics AX?

Yes, it’s possible to import data from Dynamics into Excel with a few simple steps. Dream Dynamics can help you with the ERP solution including excel imports.

Does Dynamics AX have the feature of comparing historical costing data and labour hours for the purpose of setting standards and KPI’s?

The variance Analysis statement in the inventory management shows the information in more detail.

Does Dynamics AX possess job related cost analysis?

The Project accounting includes that kind of reporting feature.

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