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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Smart Solution For Modern Businesses

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Smart Solution For Modern Businesses

In today’s modern business environment, productivity is crucial to business success. Still, most organizations use yesterday’s tools, finding it challenging to stay on top of their business. That’s when Microsoft launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 to enhance business agility and reinvent business processes. The reason was to eliminate the use of badly integrated software that reduces business productivity. The idea was to unify the dis-joined apps into a single platform. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a robust platform that unifies the capabilities of both CRM and ERP. The powerful Microsoft solution unifies your business needs in the cloud and drives business growth. Due to its amazing features, scalability, and ability to do away with siloed data, it has become the prime choice for most organizations. Today, organizations can choose to  avail of Dynamics 365 customization to make the solution fit for their needs. 

What can you expect from Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

Microsoft has launched several powerful tools to help businesses streamline their processes. More than an ERP and CRM, Dynamics 365 is a smart and all-in-one solution under a single roof. Here are a few things you can expect from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Sales: Helps in strengthening customer relationships, generating leads, obtaining crucial and significant details about them, and a lot more.
  • Customer service: Allows organizations to enhance customer relationships, offer them personalized services, and quicken the responses to exceed the expectations of customers.
  • Operations: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations handles several aspects related to financial and operational planning, reporting, manufacturing, and a lot more.
  • Service automation: D365 manages everything for your project, right from resources to budgeting, contract handling, and other vital business operations.
  • Marketing: Dynamics 365 leads to better integration between sales and marketing processes, thus improving your profitability and revenue. 
  • Field service: With D365, you’ll no longer have to deal with the headache of keeping track of different teams working at different positions. Instead, you can bring information related to the field service on a single unified platform.  
  • Reporting & insights:  D365 has a powerful feature that allows users to request information related to clients, contracts, and a lot more. You’ll get better insights into your business processes and get a better understanding of how your business is performing. 
  • Business Intelligence:  With Power BI, you can make intelligent business decisions based on meaningful tools and reports.
  • Mobility: D365 empowers a mobile workforce by offering top-notch experience across several devices, irrespective of the location. You need to have a good internet connection and a web browser to access your application anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Ready to adapt to the new way of doing business with Dynamics 365? 

In the changing landscape, businesses need a tool that allows them to understand their customers better, get a unified view of their business and help them make smart business decisions. The Dynamics 365 suite offers businesses flexibility and rich functionality with intelligent tools. Additionally, the new features of Dynamics 365 make it a lot more than just an ERP and CRM solution. Also, the platform provides users the flexibility to customize the system according to their needs and requirements.If you’re looking to customize Dynamics 365, you need the services of a technology expert like “Dream Dynamics”. With a team of expert consultants and professionals, we can help you with the customization of Dynamics solutions.

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